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The winners from DreamHackathon 2014!

To find all the entries head over to @dhackathon_live where we had a live-blog.

Grand Prizes

The Grand Prize – Dixieland Fitzpatric, a funky name for a funky game! An oculus rift music game. Avoid the obstacles that pop up.
Second Place Prize – Spurf, use Spotify to change the difficulty of the game. Your own music becomes the game.
Third Place Prize – Caged Cowboys, a multiplayer about Cowboys, in space.

Winners in each Criteria category

Most Innovative – Don’t Look
Best GamePlay – Caged Cowboys
Best Sound Environment – Dixeland Fitzpatrick
Best Visual Experience – Zdybal Raiders
Best Presentation – Don’t look
Best EyeX Integration – eyeron defender
None Best Payment Integration –

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