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DreamExpo – Stockholm’s best Gaming and Tech Expo
At DreamHack Stockholm, DreamHack will arrange a new and fresh gaming-focused expo for gaming enthusiasts. A wide range of world’s leading hardware and software companies will be on-site, showcasing new products and services.

Special area: Indie developers
DreamHack will have a special area for Indie developers, where small studios and developers will get space in the DreamExpo at DreamHack Stockholm 26-27 September 2014.

Wanna be part of DreamExpo?
Contact our Sales team!

DreamHack offers a huge number of different business possibilities including booth attendance in our events, online banners, esports sponsorships and much more. Please get in contact with Dreamhack Sales department to discuss these possibilities.

Patrick Samson
Phone: +46 76 869 38 48

Magnus Leppäniemi
Phone: +46 73 041 61 44

Nicklas Andersson

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